into_rust() is a collection of tutorials that are designed to help you quickly get up to speed coding Rust. These tutorials take an “Ownership First” approach – which means that we place a heavy emphasis on learning how ownership and the borrow checker work, rather than covering Rust’s syntax or other details. The reason for this is that ownership is Rust’s most unique feature, and is often the one that people find the most confusing.

Other places to learn about Rust

Naturally, the official Rust web page has a good listing of documentation resources which include a number of other places to learn about Rust. The rust-learning repository is another good source.


Like Rust itself, into_rust() is an open source project. If you find errors or have suggestions for improvement, please open an issue. If you’d be interested in helping in other ways, check out the README or the open issues on the repository.

About the authors

The primary author of these slides, and the narrator on the screencasts, is Nicholas Matsakis (his friends, and his enemies really, call him Niko). Niko has been involved in Rust since 2011 and is a member of the Rust core team as well as the leader of the language and compiler teams. You can find him on IRC at nmatsakis.

The beautiful website is due to Lee Baillie, Rust and Ruby hacker and comic artist extraordinaire. You may also enjoy their excellent Illustrated Rust Adventure Guide talk from RustConf 2016.

Other contributors include: