Hello, and welcome to into_rust()! This site consists of screencasts showing tutorials that I have been working on for over a year. The tutorials take an “Ownership First” approach – which means that we place a heavy emphasis on learning how ownership and the borrow checker work, rather than covering Rust’s syntax or other details. The reason for this is othat ownership is Rust’s most unique feature, and is often the one that people find the most confusing.

The current set of tutorials is just a start. I hope to post additional screencasts on a regular basis. Here are some of the talks we have queued up:

  • Structs and enums
  • Threads
  • Traits
  • Named lifetime parameters
  • Aliasing and mutability

The sources for into_rust() are available in Github (as are, in fact, the Keynote slides for a number of the tutorials mentioned above). If you find errors or have suggestions for improvement, please open an issue. If you’d be interested in helping in other ways, check out the README or the open issues on the repository. (Among other things, I am sure I did some rather embarassing things in the CSS or other bits of this site. So please show me the right way to do it!)